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Assuring Secularism in Victorian Government Schools <br /> 7 May, 2010Meredith Doig

Online advertising boycott over gay marriage attack wrong <br /> 13 February, 2011Meredith Doig

Taxing the truth: why we must not let Abbott’s dogmas lie <br /> 7 July, 2012Ian Robinson

Shutting the school gate on God: a teacher’s view <br /> 19 November, 2012Chris Fotinopoulos

RSA: religious indoctrination not on but GRE welcome <br /> 11 January, 2014Meredith Doig

Should we teach more religion in schools? <br /> 12 January, 2014Meredith Doig

What you think is right may actually be wrong <br /> 21 January, 2014Peter Ellerton

Where is the proof in pseudoscience? <br /> 1 February, 2014Peter Ellerton

Peter Ellerton on Brandis’s logical fallacies <br /> 23 April, 2014Peter Ellerton

“A Current Affair” blasts ACCESS Ministries <br /> 12 June, 2014Meredith Doig

Survey of Religion in South Australian schools <br /> 15 June, 2014Brian Morris

God save me from those who think I’m lost <br /> 4 August, 2014Chris Fotinopoulos

Background Briefing investigates ACCESS Ministries <br /> 1 September, 2014Meredith Doig

Mr Merlino, will you stand up for parents over SRI? <br /> 1 September, 2014Meredith Doig

Minister Dixon: when will you fix the mess that is SRI? <br /> 1 September, 2014Meredith Doig

Victorian Govt should not accept tainted money … <br /> 1 September, 2014Meredith Doig

Yes, it’s rational to vote Sex! <br /> 9 October, 2014Meredith Doig

Do the young and depressed have the right to suicide? <br /> 11 October, 2014Meredith Doig

Liberals betray education by funding religious proselytising <br /> 1 November, 2014Meredith Doig

How an approach to science helps define the political centre <br /> 14 November, 2014Peter Ellerton

Religion, the State and the Law <br /> 23 November, 2014Meredith Doig

Political candidates reject Special Religious Instruction <br /> 23 November, 2014Meredith Doig

Finding common ground between faith and freethought … ? <br /> 25 November, 2014Rod Bower

Religious tax privileges <br /> 3 January, 2015Meredith Doig

Vale Peter Short: Rodney Syme reflects on a life well lived <br /> 8 January, 2015Meredith Doig

On Secular Humanism being a Religion <br /> 11 January, 2015Ian Robinson

Badmouthing god: blasphemy and freedom of expression <br /> 15 January, 2015Ian Robinson

Religious instruction has no place in the education state <br /> 16 January, 2015Meredith Doig

Rising anger over Scripture in NSW <br /> 7 February, 2015Peter Ellerton

Choice is central to dying with dignity. <br /> 15 February, 2015Chris Fotinopoulos

Can an Atheist Have a Religious Experience? <br /> 13 March, 2015Ian Robinson

Faith that is not justified? <br /> 7 April, 2015Ian Robinson

An alternative to Prayers before Parliament <br /> 17 April, 2015Meredith Doig

Why Prayers in Parliament Should Stop <br /> 17 April, 2015Meredith Doig

The Carson Report <br /> 6 May, 2015Meredith Doig

This is why you will lose your argument <br /> 15 June, 2015Peter Ellerton

Eric Abetz and the Case for Same-Sex Marriage <br /> 4 July, 2015Hugh Harris

Victorian Government takes the lead on religion in schools <br /> 21 August, 2015Meredith Doig

God forbidden: a win for secularism in state schools <br /> 3 September, 2015Chris Fotinopoulos

Euthanasia ban is an attack on human dignity <br /> 7 October, 2015Chris Fotinopoulos

Freedom of Belief and Gay Marriage <br /> 19 October, 2015Hugh Harris

RSA supports women’s right to choose <br /> 26 October, 2015Meredith Doig

The right to die at home <br /> 5 December, 2015Chris Fotinopoulos

Enlightenment – that is what Islam truly needs <br /> 15 December, 2015Paul Monk

Religious Freedom Protects Same-Sex Couples Too <br /> 22 December, 2015Hugh Harris

Only the ghosts of Christmas past know why advancing religion is still tax free <br /> 4 January, 2016Hugh Harris

No More Tax Loopholes: It’s Time For Faith Groups And Religions To Render Unto Caesar <br /> 5 January, 2016Hugh Harris

Let Them Stay <br /> 9 February, 2016Jonathan Meddings

Confessions of a state school traitor <br /> 28 February, 2016Chris Fotinopoulos

Religion in Schools – Sunday Nights – (ABC) <br /> 28 February, 2016Meredith Doig

Billboards ridiculing aspects of Christianity and Islam rejected <br /> 28 February, 2016Meredith Doig

Progressive voters flock to Sex Party <br /> 28 February, 2016Meredith Doig

Business leader in new position as Sex Party candidate <br /> 28 February, 2016Meredith Doig

Census change: Is Australia losing its religion? <br /> 28 February, 2016Meredith Doig

The war over “no religion” on the 2016 Australian Census <br /> 28 February, 2016Meredith Doig

Moving “No Religion”  <br /> 28 February, 2016Meredith Doig

John Howard’s Christian Right Feels Silenced, And They’re Telling Anyone Who’ll Listen <br /> 1 March, 2016Hugh Harris

Duty and Courage <br /> 8 March, 2016Meredith Doig

Religious Instruction in Queensland schools is discriminatory <br /> 14 March, 2016Hugh Harris

Religion continues its free ride without our blessing  <br /> 20 March, 2016Chris Fotinopoulos

End The Safe Schools Hysteria <br /> 20 March, 2016Hugh Harris

Religion’s tax break is a cross we shouldn’t have to bear <br /> 25 March, 2016Meredith Doig

Tax on religious organisations <br /> 6 April, 2016Meredith Doig

Law should reflect support for abortion <br /> 7 April, 2016Hugh Harris

Queensland law should reflect public support for abortion <br /> 7 April, 2016Hugh Harris

Australians against giving religions tax free status <br /> 12 April, 2016Meredith Doig

The Church and its weakening grip over Telstra and taxes <br /> 14 April, 2016Hugh Harris

Horrifying Scripture classes planned for Qld schools <br /> 20 April, 2016Hugh Harris

The social cost of religious freedom <br /> 1 May, 2016Chris Fotinopoulos

Hunting Little Souls: The Vampires of Religious Instruction <br /> 21 June, 2016Hugh Harris

Why I’m Running For The Australian Sex Party <br /> 25 June, 2016RSA Secretary

Connect religious instruction says vampires fake but Bible is fact <br /> 27 June, 2016Hugh Harris

Waleed Aly must step up on Muslim free speech at Voltaire Award <br /> 13 July, 2016Paul Monk

We should see Islam as a religious, not a racial issue <br /> 21 July, 2016Paul Monk

Hugh Harris takes on Rev. Michael Jensen <br /> 2 August, 2016Hugh Harris

The Census cares what you believe <br /> 8 August, 2016Hugh Harris

Just Not On Census Night … <br /> 9 August, 2016Hugh Harris

On abortion, even God more permissive than our laws <br /> 11 August, 2016Hugh Harris

Muslims in the West must reject al-Azhar imam’s apostasy views <br /> 12 August, 2016Paul Monk

Abortion from a woman’s perspective <br /> 17 August, 2016Meredith Doig

Free Speech and 18C: A Rationalist’s Perspective <br /> 23 August, 2016Meredith Doig

Are we asking the wrong questions on Dying With Dignity? <br /> 24 August, 2016Meredith Doig

Women Beyond Belief: Discovering Life without Religion <br /> 30 August, 2016Meredith Doig

Militant Islam threatens liberty <br /> 1 September, 2016Paul Monk

Fearing men in schools will do more harm than good <br /> 5 September, 2016Chris Fotinopoulos

Trying To Silence Unwelcome Views Only Perpetuates Them <br /> 6 September, 2016Hugh Harris

Why walking out on bigots is a bad idea <br /> 15 September, 2016Chris Fotinopoulos

Beginning of the End for Bible Classes? <br /> 28 September, 2016Hugh Harris

Malcolm Roberts: defining his nonsense <br /> 4 October, 2016Meredith Doig

Cyber Reality Check <br /> 16 October, 2016Paul Monk

Permission to josh Muslims would aid understanding, tolerance <br /> 30 October, 2016Paul Monk

US election: like Rome and Athens, the great republic teeters <br /> 21 November, 2016Paul Monk

Dutton Needs To Sing A Different Tune This Christmas <br /> 19 December, 2016Jonathan Meddings

Let’s encourage religious devotion in the public realm <br /> 23 December, 2016Chris Fotinopoulos

In defence of Santa <br /> 28 December, 2016Hugh Harris

Scientology says I have no real reason to live <br /> 16 January, 2017Hugh Harris

It’s Advance Australia Fair, Not Fair-Skinned <br /> 23 January, 2017Chris Fotinopoulos

Scientology Personality Test Postscript – Brisbane <br /> 24 January, 2017Hugh Harris

Fundamentalist Islam and rise of alt-right go hand-in-hand <br /> 25 January, 2017Hugh Harris

The danger of being swamped by confident idiots <br /> 14 February, 2017Hugh Harris

Enforce company tax, don’t browbeat welfare recipients <br /> 11 March, 2017Chris Fotinopoulos

Islam not an exception in liberal society <br /> 13 March, 2017Paul Monk

Jacqui Lambie Gets Everyday Aussies. The Turnbull Government Does Not. <br /> 24 March, 2017Jonathan Meddings

Christianity no longer a central part of Australian life <br /> 18 April, 2017Hugh Harris

Warning: Scripture replaced by new type of theism <br /> 20 April, 2017Hugh Harris

Surgery to make intersex children ‘normal’ should be banned <br /> 6 July, 2017Travis Wisdom

Religious Freedom Champions Should Be Careful <br /> 6 October, 2017Hugh Harris

Voluntary assisted dying bill an historic opportunity <br /> 16 October, 2017Tosca Lloyd

2018: drawing a line against prejudice, privilege and power <br /> 8 January, 2018Tosca Lloyd

Religious freedom must not be a green light to discriminate <br /> 14 March, 2018Hugh Harris

Religious Public Holidays <br /> 9 April, 2018RSA Secretary

Bigotry is bad business, so why not let the consumer decide? <br /> 23 September, 2018Chris Fotinopoulos

Confucius Institutes say you must stick with Xi Jinping <br /> 24 September, 2018Paul Monk

The supposed failure of liberal centrism is anything but. <br /> 26 September, 2018Mark Fabian

Doctors challenge religionists by providing VAD <br /> 28 September, 2018RSA Secretary

RSA Patron Michael Kirby on religious freedoms <br /> 5 October, 2018RSA Secretary

Open Letter to Pope Francis <br /> 20 November, 2018Rob Jonquière

The five rules for civil engagement <br /> 11 December, 2018Paul Monk

How John Lennox distorts the facts <br /> 4 March, 2019Ian Robinson

New York Magazine: Inside the Near Meltdown of the #Feminist tour in Australia <br /> 24 April, 2019Jesse Singal

Cancer, and the science of a very human war <br /> 27 April, 2019Paul Monk

Reinvent democracy or face its sure decline <br /> 18 May, 2019Paul Monk

Proposing Weak Naturalism <br /> 3 July, 2019Hugh Harris

Is there room for religious bigotry in business? <br /> 16 July, 2019Chris Fotinopoulos

JobKeeper payments for priests. Is it unlawful? <br /> 1 July, 2020Luke Beck

Letter to the Editor: It’s Time to Stand Up <br /> 19 July, 2020Ian Robinson

Morrison making religion a critical skill should grate, but there is a silver lining <br /> 7 September, 2020President

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