Online advertising boycott over gay marriage attack wrong

Meredith Doig / 13 February 2011

Two major advertisers, ANZ and IBM, have been persuaded to quit Online Opinion; advertising revenue has mysteriously dropped to a fraction of the previous year.

Rationalist Society President Dr Meredith Doig said, “This is a dreadful over-reaction by these big corporations and we urge them to reconsider.  We don’t agree with the original article and some of the comments were offensive but you should go after the author, not the publisher.

“The principle of free speech is  fundamental in an open marketplace of ideas.

The Rationalist Society is writing to ANZ and IBM urging them to reconsider.

“As well, we will be renewing our sponsorship support for Online Opinion,” Dr Doig said.

“OLO has been consistently fair in its editorial decisions.  A quick survey of same-sex marriage articles on OLO shows about 75 per cent in favour and 25 per cent against – similar to the proportion of the Australian population for and against.

“Using the power of persuasion to curb the free speech of others is not itself an example of free speech but a perversion of it.”


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All the more reason.