'Religiosity in Australia' series

Social researcher and RSA Fellow Neil Francis has produced the most comprehensive report on the nature of religious adherence ever written in Australia.

The Religiosity in Australia series was commissioned and published by the Rationalist Society of Australia.

Francis has drawn on data from the national census, plus surveys conducted by the Australian National University and other institutions.

He has analysed trends in religiosity, characteristics of the religious, and the importance of God and religion to Australians. He has also examined religious attitudes to major social issues like abortion, voluntary assisted dying, marriage equality, and schools discriminating against gay students or gay teachers.

Religiosity in Australia

Part 1: Personal faith according to the numbers

Religiosity in Australia

Part 2: Religious minds, religious collectives

About the Author

Neil Francis brings a rich history of experience to bear in the development of this compendium. His early work in primary medical research facilitated ground-breaking developments in the understanding of rare genetic diseases, and publications in the peer-reviewed literature.

A vocal advocate for evidence-based decision making, Neil has served in leadership roles in the dying with dignity law reform movement, as a former President of Dying With Dignity Victoria, foundation former Chair and CEO of Australia’s national alliance of dying with dignity societies, and as a past President of the World Federation of Right to Die Societies. Through DyingForChoice.com, he continues to publish reports, based on high-quality data, which correct misinformation promoted by opponents.

An agnostic, Neil has long held an interest in the balance of freedoms and responsibilities between the religious and non-religious, how legislatures and governments attempt to steward that balance, and how they might be better informed to pursue such important goals.

He is a Fellow of the Rationalist Society of Australia.

Neil Francis