Media Releases

Media Release: On funding school chaplains
27 October, 2006

Media Release: World Youth Day – Not!
3 July, 2008

Media Release: Rationalists Condemn Advertising Ban
26 November, 2008

Media Release: Freedom of religion only with freedom of choice
1 February, 2009

Media release: $42m chaplaincy program excludes most schools
24 November, 2009

Media Release: Chaplaincy Program
29 November, 2009

Media Release: Dangerous School Chaplains Scheme
5 September, 2010

Media Release: Pike Stands Accused
13 November, 2010

Media release: Churches rebuked over attack on government
24 November, 2010

Media Release: ACT Chief Minister Strikes a Blow for Equality
6 January, 2013

Media Release: Visitor Urges Australians to Reclaim Secular Heritage
21 March, 2013

Media Release: Measuring political bias
26 August, 2013

Media Release: Census moves to reduce religious bias
26 August, 2015

Media Release: Australians oppose religions’ tax free status
12 April, 2016

Media Release: Christians now in minority in Australia
25 May, 2016

Media release: Call for trial of medically supervised injecting centre
7 September, 2017

Freethought leaders seek Inquiry into Religious Discrimination
27 March, 2018

Rationalists support Leyonhjelm’s libertarian agenda – this time
16 August, 2018

Media release: Hillsong a global business empire
26 September, 2018

MEDIA RELEASE – Rationalist Society on religious freedom review
13 December, 2018

Media release: Labor should protect women by rejecting ‘disastrous’ bill
29 March, 2021

Media release: RSA calls for an end to religious discrimination in WA school chaplaincy
20 April, 2021

Media Release: New report reveals support for religion in Australia grossly misrepresented
11 June, 2021

Media release: Prayer to a ‘creator God’ has no place in a modern Western Australian parliament
2 August, 2021

Media release: New report details Australians’ journey with religion from childhood to adulthood
14 October, 2021

Media release: RSA urges elected representatives to follow Councillor Franco’s lead on prayer issue
16 December, 2021

Statement in solidarity with the people of Ukraine
1 March, 2022

Media release: RSA calls for end to religious-based discrimination in Tasmanian school roles
4 March, 2022

Media release: RSA calls for South Australian councils to replace prayer rituals with more inclusive, secular practices
24 November, 2022

Media release: Politicians overestimate power of religion in voting behaviour, says new ‘Religiosity in Australia’ report
15 December, 2022

Media release: Religionists give to their own, shows new volume in ‘Religiosity in Australia’ series
10 June, 2023

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