Media release: Churches rebuked over attack on government

Meredith Doig / 24 November 2010

The Rationalist Society of Australia today expressed shock and dismay at the vicious attack by the NSW Council of Churches on the decision by the Government to support the provision of ethics classes in schools.

“How the Council of Churches can lay claim to a Christian ethic is beyond me,” said Society President Dr Meredith Doig.   “Their language is full of scorn and anger, sounding more like the Pharisee priests defending their privileged positions than Jesus concerned with compassion and community. To say that teaching ethics is an ‘attack on people of faith’ is simply ludicrous and calling parents who live in inner Sydney ‘the latte set’ is offensive and insulting.

“It’s time for reasonable people, whether religious or not, to stand up to these unrepresentative Church leaders and tell them to get out of politics and get back to building bridges between people of good faith in the community” she said.

“Australians are getting sick and tired of pumped up religious leaders pushing an aggressive style of evangelism on the Australian people.”

The Rationalists were responding to a statement put out this week by the NSW Council of Churches threatening a ‘widespread church backlash’ over the teaching of ethics.

Media contact: Dr Meredith Doig

Photo by MChe Lee on Unsplash.

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