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Boroondara Council has decided to ignore public opinion and continue imposing Christian prayers as part of its meetings. Last night, Read more
A councillor at the Mildura Rural City Council is on a mission to "remove the direct influence of religion" from Read more
The push to replace a Christian prayer with a more inclusive opening ritual at Boroondara Council meetings is gathering momentum, Read more
The Rationalist Society of Australia (RSA) is calling for changes to the proposed national curriculum to include greater recognition of Read more
The Labor Party’s attribution of its surprise 2019 federal election loss as being partly due to a disconnect with Christians Read more
Shoalhaven councillors have ignored claims of religious-based discrimination in blocking an investigation into the legality of imposing exclusively Christian prayers Read more
The peak body representing Buddhists in New South Wales has urged the Shoalhaven City Council to reconsider its decision to Read more
This is our submission to the Boroondara City Council in Victoria, emailed to the council's Manager of Governance and Legal Read more
Former High Court judge Michael Kirby is calling for the faith-based groups that are driving the push for new ‘religious Read more
The RSA has criticised the New South Wales government and the Labor opposition for ignoring expert advice and the best Read more
This foreword appears in the ‘Religiosity in Australia’ report. When I was invited to become a patron of the Rationalist Read more
RSA Fellow Neil Francis is hopeful that his groundbreaking report on religion and religiosity in Australia will help improve the Read more
A new report “Religiosity in Australia—Personal faith according to the numbers” has revealed that the level of support for religion in Read more
The Rationalist Society of Australia has written to Attorney-General Michaelia Cash seeking a meeting to discuss the Religious Discrimination Bill, Read more
Bearing witness to so much progress in the voluntary assisted dying (VAD) policy space in recent years has delivered “a Read more
Councillor Victor Franco is calling on the public to help him replace exclusionary Christian prayers with something more inclusive to Read more
A Labor senator has accused the Morrison government of a ‘cover-up’ for failing to disclose details of the groups it Read more
A Victorian council is imposing “acts of Christian worship” on councillors through the recital of an opening prayer at meetings, Read more
When Mike Gaffney took on the task of leading the effort to legalise voluntary assisted dying (VAD) in Tasmania, he Read more
A New South Wales council will investigate the legality of opening its formal meetings with Christian prayers after complaints from Read more
One final push is needed from the public to help get voluntary assisted dying (VAD) over the line in Queensland Read more
When Michael Dowling, a minister in the Uniting Church of South Australia, speaks in favour of voluntary assisted dying (VAD) Read more
A councillor who was blocked from reciting a Buddhist prayer to open her local council meeting has launched a new Read more
Former Liberal-National Party member of parliament Jann Stuckey is urging Queensland’s politicians to listen to the views of their electorates Read more
A Christian group that supports voluntary assisted dying (VAD) being made available for terminally ill people is urging religious organisations Read more
Michael Bones, a former Pentecostal Christian, is using social media to encourage others to share their personal stories of the Read more
The Rationalist Society of Australia (RSA) is calling for a comprehensive parliamentary review into the federal funding of the flawed Read more
Even if Nationals MP George Christensen misses out on pushing his abortion agenda through parliament before he steps down at Read more
When Juliette Armstrong’s contract as a school chaplain ended and she went searching online for a new role, she kept Read more
The Morrison government is spending millions of dollars of taxpayers’ money each year on a chaplaincy program that is discriminating Read more
With the Western Australian Labor government returning to parliamentary work this week after receiving an overwhelming endorsement at the March Read more
A survey of New South Wales police men and women into the effectiveness of religious chaplaincy in the state’s force Read more
Collin Acton’s proposal for a new secular wellbeing support capability in the Australian Defence Force (ADF) would break down the Read more
The former head of chaplaincy for the Navy believes the Australian Defence Force (ADF) must now consider replacing the chaplaincy Read more
The Rationalist Society of Australia (RSA) is calling on Western Australia’s Education Minister Sue Ellery to put an end to Read more
The head of Western Australia’s Equal Opportunity Commission has expressed his concern about religious discrimination taking place in the hiring Read more
Today, the Rationalist Society of Australia has written a letter to Andrew Leigh MP, the Labor spokesperson on charities, calling Read more
The fallout from a controversial conference appears to have widened a schism between conservative and moderate forces in the Christian Read more
The dust had hardly settled on federal Labor’s election loss in May of 2019 before some parliamentary members and former Read more
The Rationalist Society of Australia (RSA) is urging the federal Labor Party to stand up for women at its Special Read more
Elements within federal Labor are seeking a bipartisan approach with the Morrison government on the Religious Discrimination Bill. Senator Deborah Read more
Introducing the Religious Discrimination Bill to parliament has become a “more pressing” priority for the Morrison government as the country Read more
High school student frustrated
In speeches to parliament in late 2018, federal Labor members appeared just as surprised and angered as the public upon Read more
Conservative MP George Christensen has pledged to fight to remove federal funding that goes towards abortions but first has his Read more
Conservative government MP George Christensen is hopeful that new religious discrimination laws can “draw a line in the sand” for Read more
  Former Prime Minister John Howard has rejected suggestions that religious freedom is under attack in Australia, warning that such Read more
The divisive Religious Discrimination Bill could soon be making a comeback to the national political debate, with one senior government Read more
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Some, like Barney Zwartz (Senior Fellow of the Centre for Public Christianity), are of the opinion that there can be Read more
Australia has traditionally been wary of mixing religion and politics. Unlike the US, we don’t require our political candidates to Read more
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Recently, a reader wrote to the RSA asking for a critique of the following passage from an essay, by the Read more
The Universal Declaration of Human Rights, Article 26 (3) says, "Parents have a prior right to choose the kind of Read more
Photo of primary school students with backpacks and hats
RSA board member Luke Beck weighs in on the overtly discriminatory National School Chaplaincy program. Source: The Sunday Age, 11 Read more
Blog by Neil Francis Posted on Sunday 4th October 2020 at 4:13am There's a good reason why assisted dying opponents don't Read more
A friend pointed out to me an opinion piece published this week in MercatorNet that slams Victoria's voluntary assisted dying Read more
If you're wondering how religious the organised opposition to voluntary assisted dying (VAD) law reform is, current ructions in Tasmania Read more
RSA Fellow Neil Francis shows that the use of VAD by minors does happen in the four countries where it Read more
Be reasonable
Helen Pluckrose is fighting against an authoritarian intellectual revolution intolerant of dissent. By ROSEMARY NEILL From Review September 10, 2020 Author Helen Read more
Like many of the increasing number of non-religious in Australia, I was outraged when I first learned that ‘religion and Read more
Humanists Victoria and the ACT Humanist Society (ACTHS) have jointly released initial results from their survey of people’s preferences for Read more
Inquiry into the use of Cannabis in Victoria   Submission to the Legal and Social Affairs Committee  of the Legislative Read more
Joint Select Committee on the Anti-Discrimination Amendment (Religious Freedoms and Equality) Bill 2020 Parliament House Sydney  NSW   2000 By Read more
Terminal sedation and voluntary assisted dying (VAD) are different approaches to the management of the approximately 5% of dying patients Read more
A recent article in The Guardian reports that most Queensland churchgoers support voluntary assisted dying (VAD), citing a recent YouGov poll commissioned Read more
In September 2020, New Zealanders vote in a referendum to approve their End of Life Choice Act. As Australians, we Read more
A new study by the Pew Center, the Global God Divide, shows large variations across countries when people are asked Read more
The Editor The Age It's Time to Stand Up It is ironic that the conservatives who responded to the much-discussed Read more
Priests receiving payments under the federal government's JobKeeper scheme – and passing on some of those funds to the church Read more
Committee Secretariat Implementation of the National Redress Scheme By email:   23 May 2020   Dear Committee, The Rationalist Read more
Some parts of the world are beginning to step outside their homes and reintegrate themselves with their communities, guarded by Read more
While Scott Morrison’s religiosity is well known, the fact that he’s using it to dictate policy and navigate crisis should Read more
Source: The Friendly Atheist In the wake of public consultations around Australia’s shockingly ill-considered religious discrimination bill, groups of concerned Australian Read more
This article was authored by RSA Fellow Peter Ellerton, and originally appeared in The Conversation, 28th January 2020, read it Read more
The Rationalist Society of Australia is an independent not-for-profit association, founded in 1906. Relevant to this Inquiry are some of Read more
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Are Queenslanders happy for the elderly to sleep with a "loaded firearm" beneath their pillow? Source: When Queensland pushes back Read more
The following article originally appeared in The Big Smoke 23 October 2019. Many groups are opposed to Christian Porter’s bill, Read more
Judy Dent's husband, Bob Dent, was the first person to take advantage of the Northern Territory's Rights of the Terminally Ill Read more
People typically don't voluntarily jump out of a third storey building unless, of course, it is on fire. Framing of Read more
Luke Beck is a Fellow of the Rationalist Society of Australia. An Associate Professor at Monash University, Luke specialises in Read more
Stella Thomas is an RSA member from South Australia. A parent who has long advocated freedom from religion for her Read more
In August 2019, the federal Attorney-General Christian Porter released a package of bills collectively known as the Religious Freedom Bills: Read more
Sydney ''Shock Jock'' Kyle Sandilands has upset Christians and Muslims by wrongly claiming on air that Jesus’ mother Mary lied Read more
In September 2019, the university-backed news website, The Conversation, decided it would no longer tolerate climate change denial comments on Read more
Steve Martin from ABC Ballarat interviews Meredith Doig on the Religious Discrimination bill. The RSA welcomes the addition to all Read more
Last week the Government introduced draft legislation that aims “to eliminate discrimination against persons on the ground of religious belief Read more
Rationality Rules is a video channel produced by UK-based Stephen Woodford. In this episode, Stephen takes a swipe at countries Read more
The Ruddock Inquiry found there is no great problem with the state of religious freedom in this country. Nevertheless, the Read more
As hard as it is to admit it, exclusion is a part of a multicultural country. Considering we’re all religious Read more
Original article can be found here: As far as we know, the natural world is all there is. By Read more
RSA Patron and euthanasia advocate Dr Rodney Syme, who has spent decades lobbying for voluntary assisted dying, has been made Read more
Hon. Scott Morrison Prime Minister Parliament House Canberra ACT. 7 June 2019 Dear Prime Minister Re: Freedom of the press Read more
Today is federal election day. I assume almost everyone reading this piece will be voting. In Australia, such voting is Read more
at a time when anti-vaxxers and other anti-scientific lobbyists are insisting they know better than sound science, the immunotherapy breakthrough Read more
Gender feminist v equity feminist - but not a fair fight. Read more
President of the RSA Dr Meredith Doig advocates education about religions, not instruction in religious doctrines. Read more
Photo of prayer in parliament
The Rationalist Society of Australia is calling on Victorians to show their support for replacing the Anglican Lord's Prayer with Read more
This is article orginally posted in 2014. John Lennox: "Eliminating the Impossible: Can a Scientist believe the Resurrection?" ABC Religion Read more
Exactly 50 years to the day since they first met, former High Court judge Michael Kirby marries his longtime partner Read more
Photograph of Dr Meredith Doig, smiling, wearing red jacket, in front of microphone.
The Canadian Atheist interviews Dr Meredith Doig OAM, President of the Rationalist Society of Australia. Read more
Photo of Phillip Ruddock
In response to the passage of equal marriage legislation, the Ruddock Review concluded Australia needs a religious discrimination act. But Read more
Religious freedom laws should be a shield, not a sword Read more
There seems to be an extraordinary amount of confusion around these days regarding freedom of speech in our universities and Read more
Critics have welcomed changes but say they do not address the fact schools cannot hire secular pastoral care workers. Source: The Read more
Legislative exemptions that allow faith-based educational institutions to discriminate against students, teachers and staff Submission to the Legal and Constitutional Affairs References Read more
World Federation of Right to Die Societies
  Geneva, November 2018 OPEN LETTER TO POPE FRANCIS In July 2015 the World Federation of Right to Die Societies Read more
Photo of Phillip Ruddock
From Radio National: Do we need new laws to protect religious freedom in Australia? Source: The Roundtable - Sunday Extra Read more
Photograph of Michael Kirby
Pressure is mounting on Prime Minister Scott Morrison to release a review of religious freedoms conducted by former Attorney General Read more
my life, my choice
RSA Patron Dr Rodney Syme explains why for years he's been challenging the law by helping patients end their lives Read more
Photograph of Mark Fabian
  So often nowadays we hear that liberal-centrism has failed and that we need to look to ‘radical, new’ ideas Read more
Hillsong logo, text reads
Hillsong Church becoming a separate official denomination in its own right and withdrawing from the Australian Christian Churches should be Read more
Cartoon of Xi Jin Ping
Last December, the federal government put four bills before parliament framed to head off foreign interference in this country's institutions. Read more
Source: 53% of Australians approve of constitutional amendment to separate government and religion – Dr Adrian Beaumont The NSW Rationalists Read more
Two male lego figures on top of a wedding cake.
Take a drive along any arterial road in Australia and you’re likely to pass dwellings dedicated to various deities with Read more
Image of Scott Morrison
The Hon. Scott Morrison MP Prime Minister Parliament House CANBERRA ACT 2600.   10 September 2018   Dear Prime Minister, Read more
Photo of Mark Coleridge
THE Archdiocese of Brisbane has been slammed for distributing “misleading” information about proposed abortion laws across the southeast, including to Read more
Truck in logging site
Dear ACNC, We write regarding Diwan Al Dawla, an unincorporated body registered as a Basic Religious Charity with the ACNC Read more
Photo of two hands clasped together
15 August 2018 Rationalist Society of Australia Inc.   Rationalists support Leyonhjelm’s libertarian agenda - this time.   The Senate Read more
Photo of prayer in parliament
Submission from The Rationalist Society of Australia Written by Hugh Harris, board member, and Dr Meredith Doig, president, of the Read more
Image of Monkey climbing up staircase made of books
The recent stand-off between the Ramsay Centre for Western Civilisation and our most prestigious universities is a disturbing symptom ... Read more
Photo of Sistine Chapel ceiling
The release of Philip Ruddock’s report to Malcolm Turnbull into the principles that should govern religious freedom in this country Read more
Photo of primary school students with backpacks and hats
Source: The Guardian   The Australian Education Union has joined a chorus of secular groups in opposing the Coalition’s decision Read more
Promotional image of 'Tonightly
RSA President Dr Meredith Doig plays with Tom Ballard on the ABC's comedy channel.  Read more
Photo of Dr Paul Monk
  Dr Paul Monk is a poet, polymath and highly regarded Australian public intellectual. He has written an extraordinary range of Read more
Photo of Justice statue
Book Review, written by Teresa Roberts With a bold title like Women v. Religion: The Case Against Faith… and for Read more
Humanist UK Logo
Introducing Humanism: Non-Religious Approaches to Life   Humanists UK A review by RSA Member Deb Campbell.   This course was a Read more
Discussion has flared up in Australia about what sorts of days should be celebrated and marked with public holiday status. Read more
Call comes after push by Luke Howarth and other Coalition MPs to expand the scheme.  Critics say only religious people are Read more
The Australian Human Rights Commission has rejected out of hand a request by multiple freethought groups for an Inquiry into Read more
Screenshot of Ruddock on Q&A TV show
Source: Sydney Morning Herald (13 March 2018) - Religious freedom must not be a green light to discriminate As it Read more
Photo of Phillip Ruddock
Dean Stretton is a barrister at the NSW Bar. His submission to the Ruddock Inquiry is a model of clear Read more
Photo of Pride rally
Source: The Age (8 January 2018) - 2018: a year that draws a line against prejudice, privilege and power   ... the Read more
my life, my choice
The final wish of my grandparents to have power over their own deaths and dying is finally within sight. Source: Read more
Photo of Glenn Davies
Anglican and Catholic bishops seem to be going out of their way to alienate their constituencies, including in respect of Read more
Religious liberty should not become a Trojan horse for perpetuating certain views. Source: Huffington Post Australia Hugh Harris By invoking Read more
Download Joint Media Release Supporting Trial MSIC In Victoria here. Read more
Download full Joint Statement supporting a MSIC Trial. Joint statement supporting a medically supervised injecting centre trial in Victoria The Rationalist Read more
Source: The Conversation Travis Wisdom & Cornelia Koch Questions in the proposed new citizenship test that address family violence, child marriage and Read more
Australia's religious pluralism makes our nation's tendency to privilege the Christian faith all the more problematic. Source: The Age, The Read more
Source: Warning Scripture replaced by new type of Theism - » The Australian Independent Media Network “Morality cannot be derived Read more
This open letter is in response to the “Where to From Here?” speech given by Francis Sullivan, CEO of the Read more
LAST week, in the lead up to Easter, there were the usual reminders that celebrating Easter proves the influence of Read more
Lambie's words were the opposite of what we have come to expect from politicians. They were honest, heartfelt, compassionate, and Read more
Attempts are being made to stop Somali-born Ayaan Hirsi Ali airing her views critical of Islam in Australia. As an Read more
Inquiry terms of reference The Law Reform, Road and Community Safety Committee of the Victorian Parliament is to inquire into: The effectiveness Read more
Ayaan Hirsi Ali is coming to ­Australia soon to speak about ­reforming traditional Islam and confronting militant Islam. There are Read more
Tackling global tax avoidance requires long-term vision, but it's what Australia needs, writes former RSA board member Chris Fotinopoulos. Source: Enforce Read more
The Trump phenomenon and the influence of One Nation on local politics highlight how irrational beliefs seem to be shaping Read more
Dave Rubin is a former stand up comedian who now hosts a very successful interview series called The Rubin Report. Read more
Dr Meredith Doig, President of the Rationalist Society of Australia, has been admitted to the Medal (OAM) of the Order Read more
One Nation’s second incarnation reflects a global mood of concern with Islamism and jihadism. Pollsters from the major parties have Read more
Rationalist board member Hugh Harris continues his search for meaning ... Source: Scientology Personality Test Postscript - Brisbane - Rational Read more
Best enjoy the light and colour that diversity transmits. Source: HuffPo: It's Advance Australia Fair, Not Fair-Skinned A hand-written sign with Read more
Unlike psychologists, psychiatrists and other medical practitioners who offer treatments for mental illness, Scientology escapes regulation because it offers services Read more
Select Committee on Same Sex Marriage Parliament House Canberra By email:   Submission: to the Senate Select Committee on Read more
By now, the elves are wrapping the toys. The reindeers are running test flights. Santa is busy double-checking Xmas lists, Read more
Australian suburban shopping centres are places where people from diverse socio-economic and cultural backgrounds are free to peruse, shop and dream Read more
He is political incorrectness gone mad. Source: Dutton Needs To Sing A Different Tune This Christmas I've heard of Christmas Read more
In November 2016, the Australian Medical Association, which represents about a third of medicos in this country, updated its Position Read more
Pursuant to the section 7(c) of the Human Rights (Parliamentary Scrutiny) Act 2011, on 8 November 2016 the Attorney-General referred Read more
The original models for modern constitutional democracies were the republics of Athens and Rome. They failed to keep their constitutions Read more
From time to time we get unsolicited letters relating to one or other of our campaigns or policy stances. This Read more
The debate about section 18C of the Racial Discrimination Act finds its most troubling and sensitive reference point when it Read more
Paul Monk reviews Oliver Stone's film Snowden and recommends a reality check. Source: Biggest cyber danger: stuff-ups On Wednesday, The Australian led Read more
As with many of those who die of cancer, the death of Desmond Ball this week did not come as Read more
Angry white men and the movement that's been defined as "Organised Pseudo-legal Commercial Argument" (OPCA). Delusional nonsense, really, but it Read more
Rationalist Hugh Harris thinks Queensland might beat New South Wales in the race to end proselytising in government schools. Who Read more
What does it mean, these days, when someone says their politics are “left-wing” or “progressive”? Source: Left puts bigotry on Read more
Sections 18C/D read like they were written by a parent who wants to be seen as stern yet laidback. Source: Read more
The Hon. Jill Hennessy Minister for Health Victorian Parliament. [space height="30"] 13 September 2016 [space height="30"] Dear Minister,   The Read more
Give bigots their right to speak. Source: Trying To Silence Unwelcome Views Only Perpetuates Them If parliament legislates for free Read more
RSA board member Chris Fotinopoulos urges our finest, gifted men to enter teaching. "Our boys need you more than ever." Read more
We need to keep clearly in mind the distinctions between race and religion, religion and fanaticism. Islam is a religion. Read more
As a woman and a rationalist, I have found it hard to understand the plight of women who continue to believe Read more
Philosophy lessons of the ancients relevant to our globalised, information age. Source: Five Books: Jules Evans recommends the best books Read more
Television producer and performer Andrew Denton has provided us all with some useful and important information about voluntary euthanasia in Read more
With conservatives and libertarians leading yet another campaign to degrade racial discrimination protections, Dr Meredith Doig weighs in with an Read more
I’VE had two abortions in my life and known many other women who’ve had abortions. None has regretted them; none Read more
About six weeks ago, in a televised address during Ramadan, the leading Muslim cleric in Egypt, Ahmed al-Tayeb, grand imam Read more
FOUR in five Queenslanders, according to a 2009 Auspoll survey, want to change the archaic 1899 state law which makes Read more
In our democracy, religion does pick the pocket of taxpayers. Source: My Neighbour Can Say There Are 20 Gods Or Read more
Tuesday’s national census can help restore religious freedom, particular if Australians who have ‘no religion’ tick the correct box, writes Read more
For the many Australians who once identified as Christians but have 'lapsed' in their churchgoing, the Census provides a chance Read more
In the wake of the atrocity in Nice, television presenter Sonia Kruger, like many of us, felt emotionally convulsed. She Read more
On July 23, Waleed Aly will be presented with the Voltaire Award for free speech from Liberty Victoria. It would Read more
Connect religious instruction outlines the contest for kid's souls. Source: Connect religious instruction says vampires fake but Bible is fact Read more
I'm standing for the Senate in the upcoming Federal election; not for one of the major parties, but for the Read more
The religious right have had plenty of say on Safe Schools. Their response is strangely muted when it comes to religious instruction Read more
 A new poll shows that 45% of Australians now say they are not religious and less than half say they Read more
Conservative religious groups need to respect views on sexuality that run counter to their own, just as they demand the Read more
Brunswick Street bar on site of a sly grog shop was an ideal venue, but party to kickstart senate campaign Read more
This semester's planned religious instruction classes ask 10-year-old's to act out a beheading. Source: The horrifying religious instruction classes planned Read more
Whether it's pressuring Telstra over same-sex marriage or receiving tax breaks, organised religion has enjoyed a fair amount of power. Read more
churches exempt from many taxes
A new poll by market research firm Ipsos has found that only 19.5 per cent of Australians are in favour Read more
churches exempt from many taxes
A poll by market research firm Ipsos has found that only 19.5 per cent of Australians are in favour of Read more
Queensland law should reflect public support for abortion. Source: Queensland law should reflect public support for abortion Nearly one in Read more
It's hard to believe terminating pregnancy remains a crime. Source: Law should reflect support for abortion Nearly one in three Read more
Australians are strongly opposed to the tax-exempt status of religious organisations. Source: Tax on religious organisations According to a poll Read more
Religious groups are not taxable. No wonder there’s no transparency in how their billions of dollars are spent. Source: Religion's Read more
As the Turnbull Government guts an anti-bullying program in our schools, Hugh Harris wonders why no-one is focussed on a Read more
churches exempt from many taxes
The majority of Australians say church and state should be separate, yet religion continues to be privileged in our society Read more
Christianity stands or falls on the historical events surrounding the first Easter. If there was no resurrection then the Christian Read more
When I found out my eight-year-old had been taught at school that there's no God, I was shocked. Source: Religious Read more
my life, my choice
The Editor, The Age Dear Sir, Progress in human affairs has always been achieved by the courageous. Think Martin Luther Read more
Hugh Harris takes up the former Prime Minister’s latest intervention into the debate around religion and politics. Source: John Howard’s Read more
Only a faith that moves can re-energise the cultural vitality of Christianity in a post-Christian climate. Fluffy values with a Read more
The Australian Bureau of Statistics will change the census form to put the 'no religion' option at the top of Read more
Next year's census has been reformatted. Some think it will provide a more accurate snapshot of Australia’s religious make-up; others Read more
Next year's Census has a very subtle edit that may completely change the way Australia sees itself and have drastic Read more
Meredith Doig has extensive experience on corporate boards, university councils and federal government advisory groups. All of which makes her Read more
RATIONALIST Society of Australia president Meredith Doig has her sights set on attracting progressive voters at the Polwarth by-election. Source: Read more
BILLBOARDS ridiculing Christian communion wafers and asking if people can flush the Koran down the toilet have been rejected by Read more
Controversy over special religious education or instruction in schools is boiling over again. Are kids getting the right kind of Read more
There's a subtle but crucial difference between respecting the beliefs of others, and respecting their right to hold those beliefs. Read more
Teachers are abandoning their state school because the state school sector has abandoned them. I know, because I am one Read more
9 February 2016   The Hon Malcolm Turnbull MP Parliament House CANBERRA ACT 2600   Dear Prime Minister As you Read more
churches exempt from many taxes
Jesus was quite clear on the question of tax, famously advising the Jews to render unto Caesar the things that Read more
The perk of ‘tax-free status’ should be reserved for charities which provide unambiguous benefits, writes Hugh Harris in New Matilda. Read more
Jesus was quite clear on the question of tax, famously advising the Jews to render unto Caesar the things that Read more
Balancing freedom is no mean feat, but it doesn’t come about by prioritising religious beliefs over others, writes RSA board Read more
The kind of reformation that Islam needs is one that frees it from the medieval traditions and muddled histories that Read more
“If liberalism is to mean anything at all, it is duty bound to support without hesitation the dissenting individual over Read more
RSA board member Chris Fotinopoulos reflects on where we might want to die. Source: The right to die at home Read more
Education Minister James Merlino has issued a Ministerial Direction (MD 145) to implement the Victorian Government's policy of removing Special Read more
It's about time we got rid of the anachronistic idea that advancing religion is a "charitable act". It's not, and it Read more
my life, my choice
John Baylis of Darwin suffered from motor neuron disease, a progressive condition involving degeneration and wasting of the muscles. He died Read more
83 year old Darwin man John Baylis died from the ravages of Motor Neuron Disease on 5th March 2015.  This Read more
The RSA has joined with 40 other organistions supporting a continuation of women's right to freely and safely choose an Read more
I am a life member, past president, and now Trustee of the New Zealand Association of Rationalists and Humanists in Read more
This article is based on arguments presented in the Rationalist Society of Australia submission to the Australian Human Rights Commission Read more
THE following address was given by Dr Rodney Syme, Vice President of Dying With Dignity Victoria, to the 2015 Annual Read more
Photo of two hands clasped together
Chris Fotinopoulos believes dignified dying requires fewer restrictions on individual autonomy in end of life care. Australia’s persistent anti-euthanasia stance is Read more
Submission to the Australian Human Rights Commission Religious Freedom Roundtable   25 September 2015 Introduction The Rational Society of Australia Read more
The Victorian state government has shown the foresight and courage to rid schools of an insidious evangelical influence, writes RSA Read more
MEDIA RELEASE 26 August 2015 ABS moves to redress perception of religious bias "Australia's status as a secular country has Read more
Among other things, RSA's President Emeritus Ian Robinson is a philosopher and playwright, and his new play, The Process, is touring Read more
my life, my choice
Submission to the Victorian Parliament’s Legal and Social Issues Committee on End of Life Choices The Rationalist Society of Australia Read more
The Rationalist Society today applauds the Victorian Government’s announcement that it will introduce new curriculum to teach Victorian students about Read more
Politics and religion are both in a state of flux -- a bell tolls loudly with a call for accountability Read more
President Obama recently toured Kenya and gave a powerful speech in which he labelled female genital mutilation a bad tradition Read more
Not once in his flawed jeremiad The fight for same-sex marriage in Australia is far from over does Eric Abetz refer to Read more
RSA Member David Thurley speaks of the growing problem of science denialism in society. He has given this speech to Read more
So the Great Barrier Reef has not been listed as endangered by UNESCO. And same-sex marriage is high on the Read more
The Rationalist Society (RSA) is Australia’s oldest free-thought organisation, established in 1906. Over the past 100 years or so, the Read more
New books that drive home the need for secular change add welcome momentum to the rising groundswell of public discontent Read more
In a series of letters that would make a good "Yes Minister" episode, our request to the Victorian Minister for Multicultural Read more
The RSA and Fairness in Religions in School recently ​commissioned a report, Carson 2015 Review, by professional sexuality educator Deanne Carson on material currently Read more
RECITING a Christian prayer before Parliament breaches the secular principle of separation between Church and State, offends the spirit of section Read more
"We come here today to do the business of governing. Members of this Parliament have pledged to improve the quality Read more
In March 2015, the Victorian Government initiated a review to consider changing the law to permit adoption of children by Read more
Are our daily lives filled with faith that may be unjustified, as asserted by Barney Zwartz, Senior Fellow with the Read more
The following article was first aired (in abridged form) at the 63rd Rationalist Society conference in April 2000 at Box Read more
Many years ago, I acquired a book called The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People by Steven Covey. It sat Read more
IN 1999 the Australian people rejected a constitutional amendment to establish a Republic. The continuing debate about replacing the hereditary Read more
Dying with dignity campaigner, Peter Short, died late last year on his own terms and in control, but he did Read more
This week, two radio programs addressing the increasingly vexed question of whether secular government schools should allow the teaching of Read more
school cross
The following letter was prompted by our article in the Fairfax media on 16 Jan 2015. It's from Rev. Dr Read more
The promise from our new Victorian Premier, Daniel Andrews, to make Victoria the "education state" is both welcome and timely. Read more
THE trouble with freedom of expression is that it applies to our enemies as well as our friends. We have to grant it to Read more
IN 2006, the Rationalist Society joined with the Council of Australian Humanist Societies and the Australian National Secular Association to Read more
Freedom of expression a sacred value
      IN the face of the Charlie Hebdo murders, by religious fanatics, let us proclaim and defend the best Read more
my life, my choice
Shakespeare had Mark Anthony say “I come to bury Caesar, not to praise him”.  Well, I come to praise Peter Short, Read more
Freedom of expression a sacred value
In his seminal essay "Religion and Respect" Cambridge Professor of Philosophy Simon Blackburn ventures a secular definition of the sacred: Read more
churches exempt from many taxes
IN 2004 the Rationalist Society of Australia commissioned Victoria University Graduate School of Business to investigate religious tax privileges. Their findings Read more
Graeme Lindenmayer is a member of the RSA and retired engineer with a continuing interest in science, philosophy and religion. Read more
The IQ2 video here - "God and his Prophets Should be Protected from Insult" - pits two extremely articulate speakers - Uthman Read more
Sifting through what little evidence there is about the origins of Christianity... The truth about Jesus is that we just Read more
This article was first presented at the "Separating Church and State" Conference in Melbourne, June 2006. The conference was supported Read more
Over the past year or so, a number of us within the freethought movement have reached out to the "interfaith" Read more
ONE area of the political debate that has not received much attention in the Victorian state election campaign so far is Read more
  CHURCH leaders have often expressed views on matters that many people would regard as 'political', that is, as matter of Read more
Church and State
This article was first presented by Professor Helen Irving at the "Separating Church and State: Keeping God out of Government" Read more
Introduction Here I conclude my critique of the major arguments raised by John Lennox at the "Cosmic Chemistry?" public lecture Read more
There was a bit of talk over the last election cycle, expressed in the usual language of political left and Read more
my life, my choice
Three stories show there is a civilised way to bring about a dignified death through voluntary euthanasia. Source: Medicine, morality Read more
Peter Short talks with Fiona Patten about the Sex Party's policy on Dying with Dignity, and being a civil libertarian Read more
The fastest growing trend in applied philosophy might just be "New Stoicism".  What is this?  New Stoicism is based on the Read more
The Rationalist Society of Australia warmly welcomes the Association of Atheism of Turkey to the international community of freethinking.  Among Read more
IN Victoria, the Napthine Liberals’ decision to increase funding of ACCESS Ministries to $2 million from $135,000 ignores growing concerns Read more
This article was first published in Winter issue of The Australian Rationalist, June 2013. Anna Halafoff is a research fellow Read more
The Rationalist Society (RSA) is Australia’s oldest free-thought organisation, established in 1906. Over the past 100 years or so, the Read more
By Brian Morris, Director of Plain Reason WITH new credible evidence that Christianity's founder was at best an ordinary Judean, and Read more
The Donnelly/Wiltshire Review of the National Curriculum was released in October 2014. Below is a section of the Report called "The Read more
my life, my choice
To the Editor, The Australian. Do the young and depressed have the right to suicide? (Australian 11 Oct). Wrong question. We Read more
  Introduction HERE I continue my critique of the major arguments presented by John Lennox at the recent "Cosmic Chemistry?" public Read more
Last year the RSA did a "Secular Scorecard" in the lead-up to the Federal election - see here. Unsurprisingly the Read more
Achieving the right balance between religious beliefs and the state is not proving easy anywhere in the world. Ask most Read more
Understanding the funding of science may be scientists' greatest challenge. AFTER a lifetime in Science, my enthusiasm and fascination for biology Read more
Just as the Australian media failed to publish the Open Letter to al-Baghdadi from 126 Muslim scholars that refutes ISIS, Read more
Human Rights Advocacy Australia joins the RSA in tackling the insidious nature of religious zealotry in Australia's public schools ... Read more
Our current education situation is, quite frankly, unsustainable.  As a society, we cannot afford to maintain two parallel education systems Read more
Our changing world Our human rights and freedoms are now recognised as the basis of Western secular society. It wasn't Read more
More than a hundred Muslim scholars and leaders from around the world released an open letter addressed to Islamic State Read more
During August 2014, Oxford Professor of mathematics John Lennox delivered a series of lectures in Australia on "Science and Faith in Read more
The Melbourne Declaration on Educational Goals for Young Australians (2008) claims a place for spiritual wellbeing in education for all Read more
Congratulations to the Humanist Society of WA for a busy and successful year. Here is what they've achieved, using the 10 Read more
Introduction Here I continue my critique of the major arguments raised by John Lennox at the recent "Cosmic Chemistry?" public Read more
Martin Dixon Minister for Education Victorian Parliament Spring St MELBOURNE 3002.   By email: Copy: Daniel Andrews   1 Read more
Hon. Martin Dixon Minister for Education Victorian Parliament Spring St Melbourne, Vic. 3002   By email: Copy: Richard Bolt; Read more
Hon. James Merlino, MP Shadow Minister for Education Parliament House Spring St Melbourne, Vic. 3002 By email: Copy: Daniel Read more
The ABC's flagship radio program Background Briefing investigates ACCESS Ministries and the Special Religious Instruction mess in Victoria. More than Read more
During August 2014, Oxford Professor of mathematics John Lennox delivered a series of lectures in Australia on "Science and Faith in Read more
Former Australian Deputy High Commissioner to Sri Lanka, Bruce Haigh, argues that those who want to return Sri Lankan asylum seekers Read more
my life, my choice
Committee Secretary Senate Legal and Constitutional Affairs Committee PO Box 6100 Parliament House Canberra ACT 2600 21 August 2014 Submission Read more
On 21 August 2014, RSA President Dr Meredith Doig made a presentation to the Central Victorian Atheists and Freethinkers on Read more
As Editor of the Australian Rationalist and later as President of the Rationalist Society of Australia I was often called Read more
The Australian Bureau of Statistics has confirmed the "Religion Question" in the 2016 census will very likely be changed. A Read more
During August 2014, Oxford Professor of mathematics John Lennox delivered a series of lectures in Australia on "Science and Faith in Read more
my life, my choice
Submission by RSA Member Rex Williams to the Dying with Dignity bill: "Any person has a right to decide when Read more
IN October 2012, the RSA joined with a representative of the Uniting Church to make a submission to the Victorian Read more
The RSA, in consultation with a number of other freethought groups, has made a submission to the Australian Bureau of Read more
On 24 June 2013 the European Union adopted Guidelines on the promotion and protection of freedom of religion or belief. I. Introduction Read more
When I was at secondary school, my English class studied a collection of essays, one of which analysed the methods Read more
Rumour has it the Australian Bureau of Statistics is trialling a change to the way the census question on religion Read more
When is it 'reasonable' to choose to end one's life? The ancient Stoics thought it reasonable if circumstances prevented a Read more
Dear Prime Minister,   As a woman in her 60s who for various reasons has experienced two abortions, I have Read more
The fight over religious instruction in state schools is not over whether there is a god but the right of Read more
The Philosophers' Mail is an interesting initiative: an attempt to make the arcane relevant to contemporary life. In this piece, Read more
Reason vs Emotion: key drivers in the history of moral progress   By Dr Meredith Doig President, Rationalist Society of Read more
Issue 93 of the "Australian Rationalist" (Winter 2014) has just been released and can be found at newsagencies around Australia. Read more
In a pluralist society there's many shades and hues of stakeholder groups. Here's one way to think of them. Is Read more
Thanks to Jacqui Tomlins for this particularly useful guide. Raise awareness - inform parents about what SRI is really about Read more
Thursday 19 June 2014 The High Court has upheld the second Williams challenge to the constitutionality of the National Chaplaincy Read more
Peter Short is dying of a terrible form of cancer. And still, legislators in this country refuse to allow him Read more
Brian Morris is a professional journalist and director of "Plain Reason" in South Australia. In April 2014 he approached the Read more
Channel 9's ACA blasted ACCESS Ministries for their evangelistic tactics in Australian schools - see the video segment here.  It Read more
The RSA has formed a small team to develop a new idea, tentatively called the Reason Project. Reason and Reasoning: Critical Read more
The RSA Committee has agreed to support the Young Australian Skeptics for two years. President Meredith Doig said, "This is Read more
Two thousand (mostly) young people filed into the Melbourne Convention Centre on the evening of Friday 6 June to listen Read more
Minister of Education Martin Dixon announces the long awaited Ministerial Direction on SRI.  Confusingly, claims on the one hand that "Principals Read more
Frustrated by lack of action by Parliamentarians in acknowledging the wishes of their electors re the legalisation of voluntary euthanasia, Read more
Cognitive fallacies can damage that most iconic of self-interested activities: investing. Read more
RSA committee member Peter Ellerton explains why Australia's top lawmaker has got it wrong. Brandis complains that "climate change denialists Read more
Brilliant new video on Reason by Steven Pinker and Rebecca Newberger Goldstein - Read more
Justine Toh is a very articulate Senior Research Fellow from the Centre for Public Christianity; Marion Maddox has just written Read more
Principals at Victorian primary schools are getting caught between a rock and a hard place. ACCESS Ministries wrote to Victorian Read more
Why a national curriculum? The national curriculum arose ostensibly in response to those Australians whose jobs took them to different Read more
Dear Bill,                                                                                              Sunday 2nd Feb 2014 We’re sorry. We’re really sorry. We know how you American rationalists think of us Aussies. Read more
RSA committee member Peter Ellerton explains what constitutes knowledge - put simply, it's when it's so 'settled' that it's used Read more
This book review was first published in Philosophy Now. A publisher who wants to bring out a book about God Read more
RSA Committee member Peter Ellerton explains that how we think we think is not actually how we think. Read more
Graham McDonald is an Australian evangelist who teaches that: all children indulge in sin and that sin "must be punished" heaven is Read more
Abbott Government Education Minister Christopher Pyne has announced a review of the national curriculum, claiming “concerns have been raised about Read more
The Rationalist Society supports Freedom of Religion and Freedom of Belief. But freedom implies informed choice. If someone is not Read more
RSA President Dr Meredith Doig welcomed more general religious education in Australian schools today but warned that indoctrination, in the Read more
Americans' rating of the honesty and ethics of the clergy has fallen to 47%, the first time this rating has Read more
The Australian Bureau of Statistics analyse the "Religion" question in the 2011 census.  Australian Social Trends, Nov 2013. Read more
A growing international movement is inviting young children to philosophise in primary schools in the USA, the UK and elsewhere – but Australia Read more
John Broome is an Oxford philosopher and a lead author of the International Panel on Climate Change report.  In this Read more
The Global Mail writer Luke Williams exposes the superstition and bigotry of some Christian schools in Australia in ‘Ex-Gay’ Counselling: It’s Read more
Prime Minister Tony Abbott seems to be labouring under the misapprehension that he has a “mandate” for all the policies Read more
Barney Zwartz, The Age's Religion Editor, on the "war against Christianity": Age of intolerance: the war on religion. But being religious Read more
By Julian Baggini, British philosopher Consider the following statement from a Bishop of the Church of England: British society is Read more
The following article is the inaugural Higinbotham Lecture delivered by the Hon. Michael Kirby AC CMG to the RMIT Law Read more
Back in January this year I woke up one morning and trying to get out of bed, realised I couldn’t Read more
Talk given to the Atheist Society, Melbourne, on 10 July 2012   The main reason for this talk is that Read more
The RSA  received a request for information from an HSC student at a Christian School in NSW.  She is taking Read more
In a 2011 report by the OECD, Australia ranks in the bottom five countries for overall poverty prevention, senior citizen Read more
Media Release 26 August 2013 One area of the political debate that does not receive much attention during election campaigns Read more
Here in Australia, evangelicals are out seeking people to impose their Christian worldview on young children. Check out this recruiting Read more
In Belgium all schools, including private schools, must teach their agreed national curriculum or have their funding removed.Let's see if Australian Read more
In New Zealand, Rationalist David Hines surveyed government schools and found that fewer are conducting religious instruction classes - see Read more
In this four page article, Steven Pinker explores what science is and what it is not:  "... science is of a Read more
Conservative religionists like to claim there is an alarming 'values deficit' in our schools.  Not so.  I just came across Read more
Chris MacDonald is a Canada-based philosopher.  Here he sets out practical guide on how to choose when faced with a Read more
At last, one of the religious organisations that are members of ACCESS Ministries has spoken out against the 'biblical literalism' Read more
Lecture to Conway Hall Ethical Society by Anne Marie Waters 9 June 2013   The official number of sharia tribunals and Read more
Malcolm Fraser has form on handling refugees.  He did it successfully at the end of the Vietnamese war.  Here he Read more
Maybe you've not yet heard about "Coursera".  This is a series of courses available online and free to anyone who has a Read more
Asylum seekers: effective policy is based on evidence, not emotion. Read more
RSA Committee member Peter Ellerton supports a project by a group of enterprising young people in Queensland to get science Read more
Six academics on The Conversation review Rudd's new asylum seeker policy: No more asylum in Australia for those arriving by boat: Read more
school cross
Our governments are complicit in perpetuating scientific ignorance. Parkes Christian School gets 78% of its recurrent funding from Federal and State Read more
A beautiful story of one woman's rational decision to maintain control over her own body and mind. Rational suicide: Beverley Read more
One of the main tactics used by evangelicals is to challenge the boundaries of secularism in the courts. On Tuesday Read more
Clive Hamilton, now Professor of Public Ethics at Charles Sturt University and previously head of the Australia Institute, writes in Read more
Julian Savulescu writes in The Conversation about education funding as an ethical issue - not about ethics education. An ethical Read more
Muslims engage in quest to understand evolution | Science | Read more
David Christian is leaving a legacy to his grandchildren - and all his grandchildren's friends. It's the understanding of where Read more
The tide rolls on ... the history of gay marriage BBC News - Gay marriage around the world. Read more
Call for Australia to clarify the law sooner rather than later Withdrawing treatment from premature babies – when doctors and parents Read more
As our manifesto for a Secular Australia says, physician-assisted suicide, with appropriate safeguards, should be decriminalised. Tasmania could lead the Read more
Students on American college campuses are fighting back, breaking down the scary face of atheism Are Atheists The New Campus Read more
Furious debate as teachers at Islamic College of SA's West Croydon campus ordered to wear hijab or face sack | Read more
The 'perfect injustice': is Australia more corrupt than we think? Corruption is pervasive, diverse and present in almost all areas Read more
It’s 2013, And They’re Burning ‘Witches’  Read more
Among other things, the problem with the Catholic Church is that it has set itself up to be beyond the Read more
Beverley Broadbent is my hero. Her "rational suicide" (The Age, 2/4/13) was a beacon for those of us who passionately Read more
Patrick Stokes of Deakin University on the boundary between science and philosophy Philosophy under attack: Lawrence Krauss and the new Read more
Cathy Byrne  argues for the crucial role of teacher unions in combatting the rise of religious fundamentalism in schools Keeping Read more
Dominic Wilkinson, Associate Professor of Neonatal Medicine and Bioethics at the University of Adelaide, provides a thoughtful analysis of the Read more
Andrew Glikson discusses why the Greens split from the Labor Party and why it's important Orwellian climate double-speak dominating discussion. Read more
The Conversation debunks another myth. New study: wind turbine syndrome is spread by scaremongers. Read more
Media Release 21 March 2013 A campaign is underway to return Australia to its former status as a genuinely secular Read more
As is often the case, it seems only a conservative government can introduce controversial progressive policies. In the UK, David Read more
For many years, Melbourne-based Nigel Sinnott has provided an invaluable service to the free-thought community by reading The Age on Read more
RSA generally welcomes the consolidation of the existing laws into a single Act to ensure the simpler and more consistent Read more
[gdl_gallery title="gallery1" width="250" height="250" ] It's been said elsewhere but we'll say it again: the Australian Christian Lobby does not Read more
    Atheist Census is a global project to count and capture a picture of the world's atheists - we're Read more
Media Release 6 January 2013 The decision by ACT Chief Minister Katy Gallagher to decline an invitation to attend a Read more
[gdl_gallery title="gallery1" width="200" height="150" ] The Atheist Alliance International has just launched a worthy project to count and capture a picture Read more
How two Australian women held the grubby world of high finance to account in this excellent article in the Global Read more
A teacher at a state high school in Victoria relates the problems faced by schools wanting to do the best Read more
By all accounts, the new book on 'Social Humanism' by Brian Ellis (ex RSA Vice President) is a must read Read more
J.J.C. "Jack" Smart AC, died on 6 October 2012. The following message will be taken to his funeral on Monday Read more
In The Skeptic magazine of September 2012, there's an article on the development of a clever little tool that helps Read more
Great piece of investigative journalism on who's behind the opposition to wind power from Mike Seccombe in the Global Mail. Read more
Amid the furore over the ludicrous backyard video clip called "The Innocence of Muslims", Sean Faircloth points out some uncomfortable Read more
This is why we still need professionally trained journalists.  Alan Austin in the Global Mail offers an excellent analysis of Read more
This intensely personal reflection from Holly Warland, a wheelchair-bound person who has had more reason than most to ponder the Read more
He’s not just a homophobic, Islamophobic, climate-change denying South Australian senator, he’s an ideological entrepreneur, importing the Tea Party’s ‘astroturf’ Read more
Here's yet another example of how conspiracy theorists characterise rational responses to global warming and global inequality as power plays Read more
It's 50 years since publication of Rachel Carson's world-changing "Silent Spring", a book that inspired the birth of the environmental movement Read more
Journalist Alison McCulloch from the Bay of Plenty Times newspaper in New Zealand does a good job raising awareness about Read more
On Monday 16 April 2012, the day after the fabulous Global Atheist Convention, we brought together three fiercely articulate freethinkers Read more
By Ian Robinson, President Emeritus of the RSA. Opposition Leader Tony Abbott constantly accuses the Prime Minister of 'lying' when Read more
The High Court decision on the National School Chaplaincy Program (NSCP) will be a pyrrhic victory for those seeking freedom Read more
Over the last few days in the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (VCAT), three parents whose children have suffered from Read more
The RSA recently received a request from an HSC student at a Christian School in NSW. She is taking a Read more
Hon. Martin Dixon Minister for Education Parliament of Victoria   February 2012   Dear Minister,Like an increasing number of Victorian Read more
The Rationalist Society of Australia has long argued that the ‘advancement of religion’ should no longer be accepted as head Read more
An update to RSA members from president Dr. Meredith Doig Friday, 18 November, 2011   Many RSA members have no Read more
The Background The coming Census in Australia is an important chance to make sure your interests are met in decision-making Read more
The Rationalist Society calls upon Australia's national curriculum agency to evaluate the ACCESS Ministries curriculum ...   Read more
13 February 2011 An advertisers’ boycott that threatens the future of an online commentary site is under fire from Australian Read more
Media Release 24 November 2010 The Rationalist Society of Australia today expressed shock and dismay at the vicious attack by Read more
Media Release 13 November 2010 Embattled Victorian Education Minister Bronwyn Pike today came under fire from another direction – she Read more
5th September 2010 Intervention sought on `dangerous’ school chaplains scheme The Rationalist Society of Australia [RSA] today called upon the Read more
Toleration of anti-religious speech, equal rights for homosexual couples, the application of anti-discrimination employment law to religious associations, the moral Read more
Dear Prime Minister, The Rationalist Society of Australia is very pleased to hear your refreshingly honest views about the role Read more
Rationalists remind the Government that education in government schools is meant to be secular; that lay religious persons are not Read more
A Submission to the Victorian Government May 2010 Background In 1872 the Victorian Education Act prescribed free secular education during Read more
This letter was sent to the NSW Minister for Education  Verity Firth by RSA member John Turner: Read more
The Value of Life and the Value of Death:  A Humanist Perspective. A contribution by Rationalist Society Committee member Lyn Read more
The Hon. Michael Kirby gives a speech "In Praise of Secular Education" - click here. Read more
On 4th Nov 2009, The Age newspaper published an extraordinary outburst by Greg Craven, entitled "A plague of atheists has Read more
In November 2009, the Federal Government funded an extension to its controversial Chaplaincy Program. The RSA strongly objects to this Read more
In November 2009, the Federal Government announced an extension of its controversial Chaplaincy Program of funding for religious people in Read more
Media Release 24 November 2009 The Federal Government has been urged to revamp its $42.8 million chaplains-in-schools program because of Read more
In 2008, the Australian Human Rights Commission held an inquiry into "Freedom of Religion and Belief in the 21st Century".  Read more
Steiner education has established itself in the Victorian education system, but information provided school administrations, current and prospective parents and Read more
1 February 2009 The Rationalist Society of Australia has made an important submission to the Australian Human Rights Commission inquiry into Read more
Media Release 26 November 2008 A ban on an advertising atheism was today described as a gross infringement of free speech. Read more
churches exempt from many taxes
Inquiry into Australia’s Future Tax System Submission by the Rationalist Society of Australia Inc. 16 October 2008 The Rationalist Society Read more
Media Release 3 July 2008 “The degree of public support for the sectarian and deceptively entitled ‘World Youth Day’ is Read more
Media Release 27 October 2006 The Rationalist Society of Australia agrees with those federal politicians who are promoting the teaching Read more

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