The costs of cutting: Circumcision in modern Australia

Si Gladman / 16 November 2022

The incorrect and fraudulent claiming of Medicare rebates for male circumcision performed for non-clinical reasons could be costing Australian taxpayers millions of dollars every year.

In this RSA Webinar, Jonathan Meddings, human rights advocate and author of the new book, ‘The Final Cut: The Truth about Circumcision’, discusses the prevalence of cosmetic circumcision in Australia and concerns about Medicare fraud enabling circumcision for social, cultural and religious reasons.

He also speaks about the harms of male circumcision and the many arguments – from health, social, aesthetic, legal, religious and moral perspectives – that continue to be used in support of the practice.

Jonathan is the Chair of The Darbon Institute, a charity working to protect and promote everyone’s right to bodily integrity and autonomy in Australia and New Zealand. He is also a former Vice President and board member of the Rationalist Society of Australia.

All the more reason.