Secularism in the UK: Cutting ties with the state church

Si Gladman / 07 February 2024

As Christianity continues its decline in the United Kingdom and fewer people fill the pews, the case to disestablish the Church of England and remove its privileges as the state religion is gathering momentum.

At the RSA Webinar, Stephen Evans, the chief executive of the UK’s National Secular Society, will present on the entanglement of church and state in his country, and recent developments in the campaign for disestablishment.

He will speak on why it is time to cut symbolic and institutional ties with the church, such as by ending the bishops’ automatic right to seats in the legislature, removing laws requiring Christian worship in schools, and doing away with the head of state’s title of ‘Defender of the Faith’.

Stephen is a regular media commentator on religion’s role in public life.

All the more reason.