Replacing prayer rituals: The push for more welcoming institutions

Si Gladman / 20 October 2022

Across Australia, momentum is building for local councils and parliaments to replace exclusionary prayer rituals with practices that are more secular, inclusive and representative of the community’s religious and non-religious diversity.

In this webinar, two elected representatives – one from the New South Wales Parliament and another from a Victorian council – will discuss their ongoing efforts to replace Christian prayer rituals as part of the official proceedings of their respective government institutions.

Abigail Boyd MLC, a Greens member of the New South Wales Legislative Council, will speak about her push to replace prayers with a moment of silence for individual reflection or prayer.

Councillor Jodi Reynolds will speak about developments on the issue at the Mildura Rural City Council, where the council is in the process of drafting a more inclusive affirmation for council’s consideration.

All the more reason.