Media responses to Australia’s increasing non-religiosity

Si Gladman / 15 September 2023

The release of 2021 Census figures showing the continued surge in Australians identifying as not religious sparked much mainstream media discussion about the trend and what it meant for the future of the country. 

At this RSA Webinar, Dr Rebecca Banham, Postdoctoral Research Fellow at University of Tasmania, will share insights into her research on the media’s responses to non-religion in Australia, especially against the backdrop of increasing challenge to historical Christian privilege. 

Dr Banham will explore various assumptions and misconceptions underpinning views about non-religious Australia.

It will be a timely discussion, with the Australian Bureau of Statistics having recently proposed changing the religion question for the 2026 Census to remove the bias that has overstated the religion result. Regardless of changes to the question, ‘No Religion’ is expected to overtake Christianity for the first time at the next Census.

All the more reason.