How understanding audiences can counter science denialism

Si Gladman / 08 August 2023

Countering misinformation and the rejection of science has proven to be a serious challenge for policymakers on issues such as climate change and COVID-19. But new research that provides insights into how people perceive and respond to such topics could open the way for science to be communicated more effectively.

At this RSA Webinar, Dr Lucy Richardson, Postdoctoral Research Fellow at Monash Climate Change Communication Research Hub, will share insights from her research into audience acceptance and rejection of the science regarding climate and vaccines, including findings of cross-issue differences in science skepticism.

Dr Richardson will also present on the implications of this research for designing effective messaging to address misinformation and encourage societal action. Her research was co-published with Jagadish Thaker and David C. Holmes in the science journal Nature here.

All the more reason.