How religious instruction undermines public education

Si Gladman / 14 March 2023

Despite increasing controversy in recent years over the presence of religious instruction classes in state schools, some Australian states continue to allow missionaries into state school classrooms during school hours to deliver lessons in religious doctrine.

In this RSA Webinar, Dr Jennifer Bleazby will present on current Religious Instruction (RI)/Special Religious Education (SRE) laws and policies operating across the country.

She will also discuss how the methods of indoctrination used in the programs undermine fundamental education aims and raise problems for schools as they seek to help children to navigate disinformation, conspiratorial thinking and science denialism in a ‘post-truth’ world.

Dr Bleazby is a Senior Lecturer at Monash University. She is also a recipient of an RSA Research Grant.

The webinar will also provide updates on what the situation is with RI in Queensland and SRE in New South Wales.

All the more reason.