Hillsong and headlines: Insights from an investigative journalist

Si Gladman / 29 March 2024

Few journalists have revealed as much about scandals, abuses and malpractice among religious groups in Australia, including megachurch Hillsong, as David Hardaker. 

At this RSA Webinar, David will speak about his newly published book, Mine is the Kingdom: The rise and fall of Brian Houston and the Hillsong Church (2024, Allen & Unwin).

He will also present on some of the key focuses of his journalistic career, including the influence of religion in Australian politics and governance, and the lack of transparency and accountability of religious organisations in the charities sector.

David is an experienced Walkley Award-winning journalist who has worked for Four Corners, 7.30, Foreign Correspondent and 60 Minutes, and Crikey. He is now senior story producer on Channel Nine’s Under Investigation.

All the more reason.