Growing inequality and segregation in our education system

Si Gladman / 10 February 2023

The overfunding of private schools and the widening of the resource gap between private and public schools are driving large disparities between rich and poor, and increasing inequalities in educational outcomes in Australia.

At this RSA Webinar, Chris Bonnor, an established author on public education and schools funding, will share his insights into what changes can be made to the education system to improve student outcomes and reduce social segregation.

Bonnor will also discuss the lack of progress of Gonski reforms and vested interests that have stifled progress. In 2022, he published his latest book, ‘Waiting for Gonski: How Australia failed its schools’, with co-author Tom Greenwell.

In the book, the pair propose fully funding private schools and allowing them to maintain their religious ethos on conditions including that they do not charge fees and that they become open to all students – a model similar to that of New Zealand. The model has been controversial among some who advocate for a fully secular public education system and oppose government funding of private schools.

All the more reason.