Census: The rise of ‘no religion’ and the campaign for more accurate data

Si Gladman / 17 August 2022

The release of the 2021 Census results by the Australian Bureau of Statistics showed the continued rapid rise in people identifying as not religious.

In this webinar, Michael Dove and Neil Francis will present on what the latest figures say about religious affiliation and the rise of ‘no religion’.

Mr Dove, the spokesperson for the ‘Census21 – Not Religious?’ campaign, will speak about what the campaign will do next, including advocating for more accurate data and lobbying for a fairer go for non-religious people.

Mr Francis, an RSA Fellow and author of the ‘Religiosity in Australia’ series, will speak on why the latest census results are still misleading. He will also discuss implications for policy and funding, and how the trend away from religious affiliation relates to the decline of religious conservative parties. 

All the more reason.