Towards avoiding confirmation bias – a clever new tool

Meredith Doig / 04 October 2012

In The Skeptic magazine of September 2012, there’s an article on the development of a clever little tool that helps avoid the confirmation bias we are all subject to when building up our knowledge of complex problems, and our views about how they might be solved.

Shane Greenup, a Sydney based online entrepreneur with qualifications in philosophy and molecular biology, has developed “Rbutr” (“rebutter”), a clever little app that records claims and their rebuttals.  If you are reading a particular webpage it will highlight an opposing perspective; at its most complex, it has the power to build a map of webpages that deepen knowledge and understanding by ensuring provision of alternative points of view.

To check it out, go to the Rbutr website.  At present it works on Chrome only.

All the more reason.