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When: 7.30pm AEST, Wednesday 28 July 2021
Where: Watch via Zoom
Duration: 1 hour

Every five years, when the nation completes the census, many Australians do not have the freedom to accurately record their religion or non-religious identity.

In some households, especially conservative religious ones, young people and others who lack power may be fearful of identifying as not religious or of choosing a religion different to that of their family heritage.

In this RSA Webinar, Michael Dove, leader of the Census21: Not Religious? Mark ‘No Religion campaign and member of Humanists Victoria, will present on why this is a problem for the ‘religion question’ on the census. He will also explain how a new initiative will make it easier for such people to exercise their freedom to choose their religion or to choose 'no religion' at the August census.

Michael will also provide an overview of the ‘Mark No Religion’ campaign and an update on how it’s going.

Watch a recording here.

Past Webinars

Wed 30 June 2021Religiosity in Australia: The religious devouts and their political cloutReligious conservatives have a prominent voice in the nation’s political debates, including the upcoming 'Religious Freedoms' bill. But to what extent do they represent the “real” religious Australia, let alone all Australians? Up to now, we’ve mostly had to rely on the claims of clerics. But with the release of a major new analysis of the nation’s religiosity, a different picture has emerged. In this webinar, RSA Fellow Neil Francis, author of the ‘Religiosity in Australia’ report, discussed the drivers behind the political activism of Australia’s most devout religionists. His presentation also explored the extent to which conservative clerics represent the actual views of their flocks on social policy matters, plus the supposed impact of the most committed religious voters on elections. 'Religiosity in Australia', published earlier this month, charts the long-term decline of religiosity and trends in religious affiliation. The report is available for download on the Rationalist Society of Australia’s website here.
Watch a recording of this webinar here
Wed 19 May 2021Lessons from Tasmania’s journey to legalising voluntary assisted dyingIn March 2021, Independent MLC Mike Gaffney celebrated the passing of his End of Life Choices (Voluntary Assisted Dying) Bill 2020 in the Tasmanian Parliament. In the long journey to legalise the end-of-life option for terminally ill Tasmanians, Mike advocated for an evidence-based approach to the issue while religious lobbyists deployed fear and misinformation campaigns. In this webinar, he will reflect on some of the lessons in his campaign for voluntary assisted dying and offer insights that may help people fighting for the cause in other states and territories. Mike is a strong supporter of secularism.
Watch the full webinar on YouTube.
Wed 28 Apr 2021Challenging religious discrimination in government chaplaincy programsGovernments fund and operate a number of chaplaincy programs in Australia, including school chaplains, hospital chaplains and military chaplains. In this webinar, constitutional law expert Associate Professor Luke Beck will present on the unnecessary religious discrimination built into government chaplaincy programs. As Vice-President of the Rationalist Society of Australia, Dr Beck will also discuss what the RSA is doing to fight these practices.
Watch the full webinar on YouTube.
Wed 24 Mar 2021Drug Law ReformDr Tom Lillicrap will articulate the problems and propose a law reform fix. Dr Lillicrap is a post-doctoral fellow at the Hunter Medical Research Institute where he researches early stroke treatment and stroke recovery.
Wed 24 Feb 2021Census 21 CampaignThe Census 21 campaign aims to increase the number of people who select 'no religion' in the census this year in August. At each census over the years, the percentage of people who have selected 'no religion' has increased, from 13% in 1986, to 30% in 2016. How do we increase this number even more?
Wed 27 Jan 2021Modern Worldviews" - the RSA & Humanists Vic. curriculumIn collaboration with Humanist Victoria, the RSA is developing a curriculum for secondary students to learn about "Secular Humanism".
Wednesday 9 December 2020Male CircumcisionJeff Lerner will speak on the subject with reference to his article "A Story of Shame" which appeared in The Australian Rationalist of March 2020.
Wednesday 11 November 2020A case against veganism.
Wed 9 September 2020Bill of Rights for Australia
Wed 12 August 2020Whistle Blowers Australia
Wed 8 July 2020Universal Basic Income for Australia
Wed 13 May 2020Capital Punishment
Wed 8 April 2020Meetup CancelledThis Meetup and and all future Meetups will be cancelled until further notice. Will resume again once COVID-19 restictions are lifted.
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Wed 11 DecReligious Discrimination Bill
Wed 13 NovRationalist 10 Point Plan for a Secular Australia
Wed 11 SeptShould there be a Voice to Parliament for indigenous Australians?
Wed 14 AugustShould drugs like cannabis be legalised?
Wed 10 JulyShould religious schools be able to hire in their own image?
Wed 12 June"Islam & The Future of ToleranceFilm screening at The Nova in Carlton
Wed 8 May The Chaplaincy Challenge
Wed 10 AprilStay in or opt out? The pros and cons of My Health Record
Wed 13 March"Why is there something rather than nothing?"
Wed 13 FebAlternatives to Prayers before Council, and State and Federal Parliaments
Wed 16 Jan 2019
The Role of Reason in a Fractious Society
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