‘Time is up’: RSA calls on Queenslanders to make voices heard on RI

Si Gladman / 09 March 2023

The Rationalist Society of Australia is urging Queenslanders to tell the state government that the “time is up” for Religious Instruction (RI) in state schools.

With Labor MPs now publicly voicing their opposition and raising questions about the RI program in response to media reports about Christian missionaries using the program to “harvest” children, now is the time to urge the Palaszczuk government to finally take action on RI.

The RSA encourages its Queensland-based members and supporters to send an email to education minister Grace Grace (education@ministerial.qld.gov.au) and CC education assistant minister Brittany Lauga (Keppel@parliament.qld.gov.au) to let the government know you oppose public schools being treated as mission fields.

Although Minister Grace has continued to insist that the government has no plan to change RI, a number of her Labor colleagues have made up their minds.

Last week, Queensland media released a video in which Citipointe Church West missionaries encouraged other churchgoers to become RI instructions on the promise that they could “harvest hundreds [of children] for the Lord”.

In response, Labor MP Don Brown said on his Facebook page last week that the “time is up” for RI. He said:

As a father of a son who just started Prep at a State school, this video sickened me to the core. 

A church bragging about harvesting our kids for their ‘disciples’ in our State schools.

Time is up for Religious Instruction in our State schools.

State should always equal secular.

Before you start labeling me as anti-religion, my son is baptised and I went to a catholic all-boys school.

If you want Sunday school for your kid, feel free to go on a Sunday, not at a State school.

Labor MP Corrine McMillan said on her Facebook page:  

Some more disturbing behaviour from Citipointe.

After attempting to force families to sign anti-LGBTIQ contracts last year, they have now been caught on camera talking about “harvesting” state school kids through religious instruction.

This is a shocking way to talk about children and as a former educator I am appalled! I’m sure many parents would feel the same way.

It’s enough to make you ask whether this church should be allowed to continue to be involved in religious instruction at state schools. 

In a tweet to a post about these comments on our Twitter account, Labor MP Robert Skelton wrote:

Thoroughly agree with my colleagues. If people want religious schools and teachings they have plenty of options. Public schools are for the public. Any ideologies, religions, beliefs are outside curriculum.

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All the more reason.