The Road Less Travelled

Meredith Doig / 10 July 2012

On Monday 16 April 2012, the day after the fabulous Global Atheist Convention, we brought together three fiercely articulate freethinkers to argue the question “Can Atheists and Believers work together for the common good?”


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  • Chris Stedman is the first Interfaith and Community Service Fellow for the Humanist Chapliancy at Harvard University.  Chris writes for the Huffingtion Post, and Washington Post and his own blog, NonProphet Status.  His book “Faitheist: how an atheist found common ground with the religious” will be published later in 2012.
  • PZ Myers is professor of biology at the University of Minnesota, specialising in evolutionary biology.  His blog “Pharyngula” has been listed by the journal Nature as the top-ranked blog written by a scientist.  He is often cited as the ‘cranky curmudgeon’ of the freethought community.
  • Leslie Cannold is an award-winning ethicist based at the University of Melbourne and noted as one of Australia’s most influential public intellectuals.  A native New Yorker, she has made Australia home for the past 23 years.  In addition to her prolific writing on a wide variety of ethical issues, her distinctive voice is heard across public and commercial radio.  In 2011 Leslie was named Australian Humanist of the Year.

Moderated by Rationalist Society President Dr Meredith Doig, this spirited discussion will intrigue and entertain.

The Road Less Travelled
Panel: The Road Less Travelled

All the more reason.