Is religious freedom under threat?

Brendan Liveris / 28 January 2019

Photo of Phillip Ruddock
Ruddock recommends a Religious Discrimination Act

In response to the passage of equal marriage legislation, the Ruddock Review concluded Australia needs a religious discrimination act. But does it? Three experts debate the issue on the ABC’s God Forbid, including RSA Fellow Luke Beck.

  • Associate Professor Luke Beck is a Fellow of the Rationalist Society of Australia. A constitutional law scholar at Monash University, Luke’s principal focus of research is on developing a more sophisticated understanding of section 116 of the Australian Constitution – the ‘religion clause’.
  • Dr Renae Barker is a lecturer in the Law School and Honorary Research Fellow in the Centre for Muslim States and Societies at the University of Western Australia. She is a member of Bishop in Council and Trustee in the Anglican Diocese of Bunbury and a member of the legislation drafting committee for the Anglican Diocese of Perth.
  • Reverend Robert Forsyth is a Senior Fellow with the Centre for Independent Studies and was the Anglican Bishop of South Sydney.  His 2001 Acton Lecture  was Dangerous Protections: How some ways of protecting the freedom of religion may actually diminish religious freedom.  He has been extensively involved in the areas of religious freedom and public policy.

All the more reason.