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Hospital chaplains 


Chaplains work in various healthcare settings, including in hospitals. Some hospitals have non-religious chaplains. ABC Radio National’s Soul Search program broadcast an episode on secular spiritual care in March 2019 featuring an interview with a non-religious hospital chaplain.

In 2019, Safer Care Victoria (the Victorian Government’s healthcare quality and safety improvement agency) endorsed Guidelines for Quality Spiritual Care in Victoria, which had been drafted by a non-government organisation. Those Guidelines appeared to limit public hospital and healthcare chaplaincy jobs to religious people.

An RSA board member wrote to Safer Care Victoria pointing out that the Guidelines appear to contravene Victoria’s laws against religious discrimination in employment and that Safer Care Victoria’s endorsement of those Guidelines appears to contravene Victoria’s laws against authorising, assisting or encouraging religious discrimination.

Safer Care Victoria then took steps to ensure that revisions were made to the Guidelines to provide more focus on the inclusion of people who provide non-religious or non-faith-based spiritual care in hospitals and to state that hospital chaplains “can be of any faith or of no faith.”


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