Integrity in government

At all levels of government in Australia, strong integrity commissions are needed to help counter corruption and improve accountability and transparency of our governments, politicians and public service.

What’s the problem?

Public trust in governance has been declining in Australia over a number of years.

One way to restore faith in our democratic institutions of government would be to have independent and effective watchdogs. While public support is high for an integrity commission at the federal level – with up to 75% of Australians backing the idea – the national parliament is yet to establish one.

At the federal level, we support the establishment of an integrity commission with sufficient independence and powers to promote integrity and investigate allegations of corruption in public administration.

We also believe that other independent integrity and accountability agencies such as the Commonwealth Ombudsman and Australian National Audit Office should be properly resourced.

What we're doing

We’re helping to raise public awareness about the need for a federal integrity commission.

We’re lobbying the major parties and other members of the federal parliament to encourage them to support the reform.

Read our policy on ‘Integrity in government’ here.

What you can do

You can write to your local federal member of parliament or state/territory senators, or arrange a meeting with them, to voice your support for our position.

You can also consider helping us to make an impact by becoming a member of the Rationalist Society of Australia or making a donation.

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