Are you a progressive?

Vicki Caulfield / 07 February 2017

Dave Rubin is a former stand up comedian who now hosts a very successful interview series called The Rubin Report. In this video he explains why he no longer calls himself a “progressive” and explains the term “regressive left”.

At the RSA, we are not of the regressive left! We copped a bollocking from regressive leftists for our submission to the Freedom of Religion Roundtable (see here) in which we argued for limited exemption from anti-discrimination laws for those who object to an action on religious grounds. Our proposed solution drew upon the exemption afforded doctors not wishing to provide abortion services:

“Individuals or companies seeking to discriminate against same-sex couples should be required to disclose their faith-based conscientious objection and offer information about alternative service providers. This would balance the freedom of the individuals and companies to choose their customers with the rights of same-sex couples to receive reasonable customer service.”

All the more reason.