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Top 10 Climate Change argumentsRationalWiki – for material related to Creationism, Global Warming, Alternative Medicine, Conspiracy Theories, Ufos, the Paranormal, Denialism, and Logic.

Media Guide to Skepticism – Sharon Hill of Doubtful News has put together this very helpful guide to what the “skeptical viewpoint” entails.

Skeptical Software Tools – some very handy plugins, programmes and tips to help you avoid bad science, and promote scientific skepticism, on the web.

What’s the harm? – a primer on various paranormal, supernatural and religious sources for potential harm.

The Quackometer – Andy Lewis’s superb resource for debunking “dubious medical claims and inflated capabilities for cures”.

Twenty Tips For Interpreting Scientific Claims – A useful guide from Nature, on of the premier scientific journals.

Australian Skeptics – investigating the paranormal and pseudo-scientific.

Skeptic History – Essays on scientific skepticism.

Snopes – the definitive Internet reference source for urban legends, folklore, myths, rumors, and misinformation, including debunking Science and Religion myths.

Rbutr – tells you when the webpage you are viewing has been disputed, rebutted or contradicted elsewhere on the internet. 


How to be secular

The BBC’s Ethics Guide features discussions of Euthanasia, Abortion, Honour Crimes, Animal Ethics and more.

Brilliant video on Reason by Steven Pinker and Rebecca Newberger Goldsteinhttps://on.ted.com/g06r5

UK Rationalist Association – a 125 year old veteran.

A Simple Guide to Humanism – simple answers to frequently asked questions about humanism.

What is Humanism? Philosopher Stephen Law explains what is it and what it’s not.

The two meanings of “Secularism

Austin Cline’s About Atheism: everything you want to know about atheism, agnosticism, critiquing religion and life without gods.

The Secular Party of Australia

St James Ethics Centre – Australia’s leading centre for applied ethics.

Non-belief in Australia: census statistics from 1901 to 2011.

Primatologist Frans de Waal is interviewed on Morality without God.



The wonderful “Thou shalt not commit logical fallacies“, which went viral, by Australian Jesse Richardson

Extremely useful graphic of the History of Philosophy.

Statistics Done Wrong –  A guide to the most popular statistical errors and slip-ups committed by scientists – and all of us – every day.

An Illustrated Book of Bad Arguments: not only clear explanations but beautiful illustrations of flaws in logical thinking.

Tim van Gelder from Austhink Consulting on the Seven Habits of Highly Critical Thinkers.

The Fine Art of Baloney Detection – a summary of a chapter from Carl Sagan’s indispensable book, The Demon-haunted World.

Primatologist Frans de Waal is interviewed on the Origin of Religions.


All the more reason.