Committee roles and responsibilities

Contact the President at to register your interest in joining the Committee of Management of the Rationalist Society of Australia.


Role and Responsibilities

Committee members are responsible for the good governance of the RSA and for promoting its aims and objectives through active campaigns.  Campaigns are actively led by members of the Committee of Management.

Operational Responsibilities

  • Lead at least two operational activities per year (eg, writing an article for the quarterly journal, organising an event, writing a submission)
  • Participate in campaigns run by other Committee members.

Administrative Responsibilities

  • Attend all committee meetings or send an apology
  • Read committee meeting papers; prepare comments and / or questions
  • Follow up on tasks between meeting
  • Monitor the RSA’s financial position
  • As part of succession planning, seek and recommend suitable candidates for the Committee
  • Persuade people to join or renew their membership of the Society.

Desirable Attributes

  • Knowledge of and enthusiasm for the free-thought movement and its issues
  • Event management skills
  • Submission writing skills
  • Time to attend committee meetings and contribute to operational activities.

All the more reason.

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